The AI-powered platform that upskills leaders and teams in the flow of work

Nanu tracks and scores leadership skills and company values in online meetings and provides personalised coaching to individuals and teams

patent pending | science-based | real-time feedback

We believe AI should enrich the common good and individuals' well-being, and we are working towards this goal.




Start your online meeting

Using your prefered online meeting system.

Get Real-Time Feedback

Our proprietary AI/ML Models trained in behavioral sciences measure your Active Listening behaviors.

Get a color-based score on:

- Open-ended questions versus yes/no questions,

- Acknowledgements (backchannels),

- Paraphrasing,

- Silence and Pace.

- Number of Interruptions (only in joint sessions).

Encouragement on the least performing behaviors.

Suggestions on open-ended questions.


Get your Active Listening Score and After-meeting feedback

Check your Active Listening score.

Review the detailed feedback.

Track your progress

Go to the “Dashboard” section in the Nanu App.

Track your Active Listening scores over time.

Tracking performance prompts self-reflection.

Regularly monitoring how well you're listening makes you more likely to improve.




What Others Say About Us

“Super cool tool that fits with our executive leadership development coming from a machine it's much easier to deal with than feedback coming from a person…it's easier to digest because it’s private”

Director, Leadership Development (Hospitality Sector Leading Company)

“This is a very innovative app we can use for training and development and fits with our continuous listening strategy”

VP, Continouos Listening Lead (Global Financial Institution)

“This is an impressive tool. It's ideal for the role-play-based training we conduct with our recruiters throughout the year. The tool will significantly reduce the time the trainer spends writing and providing feedback to our recruiters”

Director, Cloud Services Recruitment (Recruitment Group)

“I love how easy it is, you know, to run this app, get feedback. It's real time. So that's amazing”

Senior Product Manager Innovation (Leadership Development Consultancy)

“This tool is great to keep services level statistics on our shared services teams, so we can detect gaps and create training plans according to what is mostly needed, instead of having supervisors”

VP, Human Resources (IoT Leading Global Company)

“Could be a great plugin to how we're measuring the web of a leader of all the different things, the scores of their core values, their leader qualities, how actively are they practising the leader competencies”

Director, Learning & Development (Manufacturing)

“Visually appealing, then the math is right the science is right.”

Director, Leadership Development (Manufacturing)

“this is truly like a leading tool that could change me in the middle of a meeting”

Manager, Learning & Development (US Tech Leading Company)

"Great tool for our Leadership Development Programme, it encourages reflections and self-learning exercises where participants can act on the feedback report they receive and track their progress"

UK Leadership Development Academy Manager


Scientific knowledge translated into easy-to-understand live and post-meeting feedback

We embrace multi-disciplinarity by cross-fertilising the domains of computational linguistics, learning sciences, organizational psychology and human-computer interaction.

Computational Linguistics / Natural Language Processsing

Drawing from the philosophy of language, linguistic theories and state-of-the-art transformer-based deep learning architectures, we build predictive models that help people understand their development gaps and initiate changes in their behaviors.

Organizational Behavior

We help people embody evidence-based good practices at the workplace by training our AI models with the most updated research on organizational behavior.

Learning Sciences

Nanu takes advantage of positive feedback and other pedagogical strategies that have proven effective in human-human and human-computer tutorial sessions.

Human-Computer Interaction

Our design philosophy incorporates concepts from cognitive load theory to provide the ideal learning environment for skills acquisition and development.


Active Listening is an essential skill for managers and leaders, as it can significantly enhance their effectiveness and can improve employee experience in several ways:

Active Listening

Increased Engagement

Employees are more likely to engage and contribute when they feel their opinions are valued. Active Listening encourages employee engagement by showing that their input is appreciated and considered.
Active Listening

Increasing Empathy

Active Listening enhances a manager's ability to empathize with their team members, leading to stronger relationships and better teamwork.
Active Listening

Improved Decision-Making

Active Listening allows managers to gather more information, understand different perspectives, and make more informed decisions.
Active Listening

Reducing Misunderstandings

Managers can reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings by paying close attention to what is being said and seeking clarification when necessary.
Active Listening

Motivating Employees

Active Listening communicates to employees that their voice matters and motivates them to perform better, as they feel their work is appreciated and understood.
Active Listening

Building Trust

Active Listening fosters an environment of trust. When team members feel their ideas and concerns are honestly being heard, it creates a more open and trusting workplace culture.


Dr. Jorge Del Bosque
Founder, CEO & CSO

PhD Computational Linguistics (QMUL)

MSc Management & Organizational Innovation (QMUL)

BEng Industrial & Systems Engineering (Tec de Monterrey)

16 years of Industry Experience, Founder of 4 profifable B2B startups

Piyush Agrawal
NLP Researcher

MSc Artificial Intelligence & Adaptive Systems (University of Sussex)

BEng Computer Engineering (Pune University)

2 years Research & Industry Experience

Satish Deshbhratar
AI Software Engineer

MSc Artificial Intelligence (University of Aberdeen)

BEng Computer Engineering (Pune University)

5 years Industry Experience

Ex-Amazon (Software Development Engineer)

Dr. Hazar Emre
Data Scientist

PhD Media & Arts Technology (QMUL)

MSc Sound & Music Computing (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

BS Mechanical Engineering (Koç University)

2 years Industry Experience

Dr. Julian Hough
Scientific Advisor

Researcher & Lecturer in Dialogue, Interaction & Computational Linguistics (QMUL)

Cognitive Science Research Group (QMUL) Faculty Member

Human Interaction Lab Co-coordinator (QMUL)

Dr. Matthew Purver
Scientific Advisor

Professor in Natural Language Processing, Human-Human and Human-Computer Interaction (QMUL & Jožef Stefan Institute)

Joint leader of the Computational Linguistics Lab (QMUL)

Rebecca Moore
Facilitation, Leadership and Coaching Advisor

Co-Founder (Depeen)

Facilitator of leadership transformation for organizational change

Executive Coach

Leadership Circle Practitioner

Dr. Maame Nikabs
Inclusive Language and Culture Advisor

Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion Expert (LingLab Consult)

Cultural Lead (Healthy You)

Inclusive Leadership Coach

James Farnhill
Commercial Advisor

Head of Sales (Holistic AI)

Regional Sales Manager (Zscaler, Delphix)

Samuel Hervas
Technology Advisor

Engineering Manager (iOS) (Lapse)

Senior Engineering Manager (Depop)

Mobile Lead (Zinio)