Nanu for Professional Coaches

AI-powered Coaching Copilot

Use the power of AI to ask better questions, become a better active listener, and a better coach



Enhance your Coaching Sessions and company programs and unlock these advantages:


Automate note-taking with an AI-Generated Summary, Key Questions, Takeaways and Transcription from your Coaching Sessions.

Improved Coaching Sessions

Facilitate more effective guidance and support in your client's personal or professional growth.

Improved empathy and trust

Active Listening demonstrates genuine interest in your client, creating a comfortable environment with increased empathy and trust.

Scalability and Quality

Equip your coaching teams with a self-improvement tool and keep track of their overall progress on a company-wide dashboard.


Starter and Pro Versions:

AI-Generated Session Summary

Plus: Takeways, Key points, and Transcription.

Share Summary and Takeaways

Download a PDF with the Session summary, Takeaways, Key points and Transcription, and share it with your client.

Past Sessions

A list of your Coaching Sessions to keep them organized allows you to get back to them when needed.

Real-Time and After-Meeting feedback

Your Active Listening Score, Open-Ended Questions, Acknowledgements, Paraphrasing, Pace and Silence.


Track your Active Listening score over time.

Explore more use cases: