Nanu for Customer Discovery

AI-powered Customer Discovery Copilot

Use the power of AI and Active Listening to more efficiently identify and understand the needs, preferences, and pain points of your ideal customers



Improve your customer discovery interviews and accelerate product-market fit:

Increase Productivity

Automate note-taking with an AI-Generated Summary, Key Points, Takeaways and Transcription from your Customer Discovery Interviews.

Identify Pain Points

Through active listening, you can detect underlying problems or challenges that your ideal customers face. These insights can lead you to create solutions tailored to their specific issues.

Build Trust and Rapport

Active listening makes your customers feel genuinely heard and understood, and it makes them more likely to trust you and share their insights on pain points and solutions they have tried.


Starter and Pro Versions:

AI-Generated Session Summary

Plus: Takeways, Key points, and Transcription.

Share Summary and Takeaways

Download a PDF with the Session Summary, Takeaways, Key points and Transcription, and share it with your co-founders.

Past Sessions

A list of your Customer Discovery interviews to keep them organized allows you to get back to them when needed.

Real-Time and After-Meeting feedback

Your Active Listening Score, Open-Ended Questions, Acknowledgements, Paraphrasing, Pace and Silence.


Track your Active Listening score over time.

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