Nanu for Online and Hybrid Education

AI-powered Education Copilot

Equip your Educational Institution with AI that increases your students' educational interactions


Develop Active Listening Skills in your Faculty and attain these benefits:

Deepened Understanding:

Active listening enables educators to deeply comprehend students' questions and concerns, which allows for more tailored, relevant, and clear responses. Students, in turn, feel better understood and are more likely to grasp complex concepts.

Enhanced Trust and Respect:

When educators actively listen, they convey a sense of respect and value towards the student's perspective. This fosters trust, creating a supportive learning environment where students feel safe to express doubts, opinions, and ideas.

Improved Feedback Mechanisms:

Active listening facilitates precise feedback. Educators can offer more targeted advice and corrective measures, while students can provide feedback about the teaching methodology, fostering a two-way growth process.

Increased Student Satisfaction:

Students who feel listened to are more satisfied with their educational experience. They are more likely to view their educators as allies in their learning journey, leading to a more positive overall educational experience.


Starter and Pro Versions:

AI-Generated Lecture/Session Summary

Plus: Takeways, Key points, and Transcription.

Share Summary and Takeaways

Download a PDF with the lecture summary, Takeaways, Key points and Transcription, and share it with your students.

Past Lectures and Sessions

A list of your lectures and one-to-one sessions to keep them organized allows you to get back to them when needed.

Real-Time and After-Lecture/Session feedback

Your Active Listening Score, Open-Ended Questions, Acknowledgements, Paraphrasing, Pace and Silence.


Track your Active Listening score over time.

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