Nanu for Leadership

Enable your team with a personal AI-powered Leadership Copilot

Increase engagement, inclusion and productivity through real-time Active Listening skills development


Active Listening Benefits

Boost your team's leadership skills and unlock these benefits:

Increased Engagement

When your team feels their ideas are heard and valued, they're naturally more engaged.

Improved Decision-Making

Gather more information, understand different perspectives, and make more informed decisions.

Higher Empathy

Empathize more, fostering better teamwork and relationships.

Reduced Misunderstanings

Prevent miscommunication by attentively listening and clarifying as needed.

Increased Psychological Safety

Create a more open and trusting workplace culture.


Starter and Pro Versions:

Real-Time and After-Meeting feedback

Open-Ended Questions, Acknowledgements, Paraphrasing, Pace, Silence and Interruptions.

AI-Generated Summary

Plus: Takeways, Key points and Transcription.


Track your Active Listening score over time.

Single Session

Use Nanu in Single Session mode, it will only analyze your speech.

Joint Session

Share your Nanu Session ID with other meeting participants to enable more advanced AI models. These models utilize everyone's speech to provide optimal feedback to each participant.

Explore more use cases: